Norrmalm Places of Interest

Kungsborn Bridge

Kungsborn, Stockholm

On the Kungsborn bridge, we cross the Klara (Klara Sjö) channel, which separates the island of Kungsholmen from the mainland of Stockholm, where the district of Norrmalm is more

The Shopping Street Drottninggatan

Stockholm. Drottninggatan

The street was laid out from Riskborn bridge in the thirties in the 40s of the 15th century according to the city development plan and was originally named Stora more

Norra Bantorget

LO-borden trade Union house

After walking a couple of blocks along Kungsgatan, I turned into Vasagatan and found myself at Norra Bantorget square, where the Northern railway freight station was located, built in more

Tegnerlunden Park

Stockholm. Tegnerlunden park

Completely devoid of vegetation, the stone gorges of Upplansgatan street and the surrounding neighborhoods brighten up a nice green more

August Strindberg Monument

August Strindberg statue, Stockholm

In the upper part of Tegnerlunden Park there is a monument to the famous Swedish playwright, poet and artist August Strinberg, the founder of Swedish realism, and the most important representative of Swedish literature of the late 19th and early 20th more

Observatorielunden Park

Observatorielunden Park, Stockholm

The center is a high Observatoriekullen hill, or rather, what was left of him. Previously, the hill occupied a large part of the Norrmalm district, but was almost completely demolished in the process of more

Adolf Fredrik Church

Adolf Fredrik Church, Stockholm

The parish church of the district of Norrmalm was founded in 1768 by king Adolf Frederik. On this site was the chapel of St. Olaf, built in more

Tunnelgatan and Luntmakargatan

Tuttlgatan, Stockholm

A block from Frederick's сhurch, Sveavägen intersects with Tunnelgatan street, which leads to the the Brunkeberg more

Kungstornen buildings, Stockholm

Kungstornen, Stockholm

The 16-story North tower (Norra Kungstornet), 60 meters high, was built from 1919 to 1924. The author of the project Sven Wallander visited New York in 1920, where he got acquainted with the architecture and technology of high-rise construction, as a result, the building received a typical look for lower more

Hötorgshusen Skyscrapers

Hötorgshusen skyscrapers, Stockholm

On Sveavegen street, between the Concert hall and Sergelstorg square, five 72-meter office high-rises are lined up. The complex is called Hö more

Sergels torg

Sergels torg, Stockholm

Sveavägen street took me to the busiest square in Stockholm, Sergels square, named after the famous 18th-century Swedish sculptor Johan Sergel, whose workshop was located in the more

St. Clara Church

St. Clara church, Stockholm

Next to Sergelstorg square, the elegant tower of the сhurch of St. Clara (Klara kyrka), the tallest building in the Swedish capital and one of its symbols, rises into the more

Vasagatan and Stockholms Centralstation

Stockholms Centralstation

From the St. Clara church, I went to Vasagatan street, one of the main thoroughfares in Stockholm that connects Norrmalm with Gamla more

Hötorget Square

Hötorget Square, Stockholm

Drottninggatan street took me to the Hötorget (Haymarket) square, where I started my walk. In the 16th and 18th century, farmers brought hay here for the Royal more

Stockholm Concert Hall

Stockholm concert hall

The massive grey building on the right side of the street is the Stockholm concert hall (Konserthuset), but this is the back of it, where the ticket offices are more

Orpheus Fountain

Orpheus Fountain, Stockholm

The main decoration of Haymarket square (Hötorget) can be called a sculptural group in front of the steps of the Stockholm concert hall, known as the Orpheus Fountain more

Flea Market at Hötorget Square

Flea market, Hötorget, Stockholm

On the Drottninggatan I went to the Haymarket Square (Hötorget) and found myself in the flea market that happens here every more