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Welcome to my website, Dear visitor! My name is Paul, on these pages I publish photo reports about my travels in Europe. Although I traveled all my life, but the specifics of my work for a long time was "travel-free", and trips to Europe began only in 2007. For a long time it was a bus tour, fully consistent with the Russian saying "Gallop through Europe", but they allowed to get a General idea of the countries and determine the preferences. At the same time, I woke up forgotten from school years interest in photography, and then began to publish their reports on tourist forums. In one of these trips guide-accompanying and convinced me that independent travel is much more interesting than walking herd for a guide. And cheaper! I started my career as an independent traveler in Spain, and for several years my interests were in the countries of southern Europe, as well as Istanbul. Recently he became interested in Eastern Europe: Poland and the Czech Republic. My last voyages are very long and take one and a half to two months. It would seem that during this time you can travel around the world, but usually the purpose of my voyage is a deep study of one or two regions. I assure you that everywhere you can find a lot of interesting things that are not mentioned in the guidebooks. Of course, many people prefer to see more in the style of "I was here", I also went through it, visiting 5-6 countries in 10 days, but over time there was a need for a "deep dive". So this site is for those who like details.


Why am I Making this Site?

I am a mobile traveler, visiting many places in one trip and staying overnight in different cities. The biggest problem in preparing such a voyage is to determine the number of days required to explore a particular city. The Internet is full of tourist resources, but most of them contain information only about the most famous objects, but coming to the place, very often you find that there are much more interesting places there. Accordingly, there is not enough time for anything, and even sometimes it is difficult to decide what to give priority to. The way out, of course, is - just do not book anything in advance. Sometimes I do, but it is not always possible, it may be that the hotels are filled to capacity (it depends not only on the season).

In my experience, the best way to plan your stay in a new city is to view as many photos about it as possible. Unfortunately, the vast majority of tourist sites and forums are filled with millions of almost identical photos of pop objects and do not give a General idea of the city. Reviews of tourists are also not suitable for this purpose, as everyone sees the world in their own way.

In this site you will not find historical information, its global network abound. Here basically just photos with brief reviews and practical information about opening hours, timetables, transport, etc. while traveling, I try to take pictures of anything that will help to understand the atmosphere and visited me places - from iconic landmarks to the state of the pavements and also trying to give an idea about the images of local people and their daily lives.

Another traveler's problem is limited Internet surfing on mobile devices. Of course, the availability and speed of the mobile Internet is constantly growing, but the size of the pages of sites are becoming larger, and besides filled with a lot of useless decorations, and the latter increasingly prevail over useful information. Often, to make sure that there is nothing valuable on the page, you have to wait a very long time, besides without any benefit to spend expensive mobile traffic, which is still a lot where limited. Although the size of the photos on the pages is desktop oriented, the site is maximally adapted for viewing on mobile devices, even the oldest ones, does not use "voracious" frameworks, Javascrip, so the pages are displayed quickly even with a slow connection. Also, the site does not use cookies and other means of collecting data about the user.

Terms of Use

You can free use of text, photo and video materials of the site in non-commercial projects is allowed with the only condition-indication of the source: lpsphoto.us. I would be grateful if you tell us in what project and for what purposes the materials of the site are used.
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My Facebook page is paul.landsberg, lpsphoto, where you can see the announcements of new articles,  e-mail lpsphoto.top@gmail.com.