Stockholm Districts and Places of Interest

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Autumn In Stockholm. First acquaintance - Church of St. Nicholas (Storkyrkan) - Palace hill - Stockholm Royal Palace - Schantzska huset - Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace - Outer courtyard of the Royal Palace - Stortorget square - Stockholm Stock Exchange Building (Börshuset) - Stortorgsbrunnen Fountain - Grillska Huset - Runic stone - Västerlånggatan - Iron Square (Järntorget) - Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, the narrowest street of Stockholm - School of St.Nicholas (Estonian school) - Österlånggatan - Köpmantorget - Iron Boy Sculpture (Järnpojke) - Trångsund Street - German Church - Bartelska huset and Brända more


Norrmalm, Stockholm

Norra Latin School - St. Peter's Church (Sankt Peterskyrkan) - The new Church (Nya kyrkan) - House of August Strindberg (Blå torrent) - Norrström Embankment - Kungsborn Bridge - Norra Bantorget - Tegnerlunden Park - Summer day in Tegnerlunden Park - August Strindberg Monument - Observatorielunden Park - Adolf Fredrik Church - Tunnelgatan and Luntmakargatan - Kungstornen buildings - Stockholm Concert Hall - Hötorgshusen Skyscrapers - Sergels torg - Olens City Department Store - St. Clara Church - Vasagatan and Stockholms Centralstation - The shopping street Drottninggatan - Royal hall (Kungshallen) - Dramaten - the Diplomat - Street performers on Drottinggatan - Sundsvalls Bank building - Flea market at Hötorget Square - Hötorget Square - Orpheus Fountain - Residents and more

Södermalm Observation Deck

Stockholm, Museum of photography

Early in the morning our ferry from Turku, having made its way through the maze of Åland Islands, arrived at the port of Stockholm. When we set foot on the Swedish coast, we boarded a bus and in 20 minutes were at the observation platform in the Södermalm more

Evert Taubes Terrass

Evert Taubes terrass, Stockholm

After the observation platform of Södermalm, we went to the Stadsholmen island, and on the way briefly looked at the embankment of the Riddarholmen more

Djurgården, the Museums Island

Vasa ship Museum, Stockholm

The island is home to the Vasa ship Museum, the Astrid Lindgren fairytale Museum, the alcohol Museum, the Maritime archaeology Museum, the Liljevals Art gallery, the ABBA group Museum, the Skansen ethnographic complex, and many other interesting more

Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Vasa Museum, Stockholm

In this museum you can see a real sailing ship of the XVII century, the only one preserved in the world, and learn a very instructive story about its creation and more