Trondheim History and Attractions

Trondheim, the capital of the fylke (province) of Trendelag and the third largest city in Norway with a population of about 200 thousand inhabitants.

Histoty of Trondheim


Archaeologists have discovered that the first people settled between the mouth of the Nidelva river and the Trondheim fjord in the fourth century BC (read more )

Courthouse (Trondheim tinghus)

Courthouse (Trondheim tinghus), Trondheim

Our walk through Trondheim begins on Munkegata street, where one of the earliest examples of Scandinavian architectural functionalism is located, the building that houses the Trondheim city court and the Trøndelag provincial court of appeal (read more )

Market Square (Torvet)

Torvet square, Trondheim

Trondheim's main square is located in the heart of the old city. It appeared according to the building plan after the fire of 1681, which was led by the Luxembourg military engineer in the Danish service Johan Caspar de Cicignon (read more )

Royal Residence Stiftsgården

Royal Residence, Trondheim

The Stiftsgården mansion is used as the residence of the Royal family of Norway. If you do not know about this, you can not pay much attention to the building, it does not look like a luxury Royal palaces (read more )

Church of Our Lady

Church of Our Lady, Trondheim

A hundred meters east of Torvet square is the medieval church of Our Lady (Vår Frue Kirke), the third largest in Norway. The stone church appeared here, according to historians in about 1200 (read more )

The Masonic Hall (Frimurerlogen)

Trondheim, Masonic Lodge building

The construction of the building for meetings of the Lodge began in 1899. The authors of the project are architects Carl Norum and John Christensen, and the interiors were designed by Axel Gould, Sr. (read more )

Kongens gate allmenning

Kongens gate allmenning, Trondheim

The Royal street led me to a small square on the banks of the river Nidelva, which is called Kongens gate allmenning (almening means public space in Norwegian) and divides approximately into two parts of the Kjøpmannsgata street (read more )

Market Street (Kjøpmannsgata)

Kjøpmannsgata, Trondheim

The city's buildings are separated from the coastal warehouses by an unusually wide street called Kjøpmannsgata (read more )

Old Bridge (Gamle Bybrua)

Gamle Bybrua, Trondheim

The Gamle Bybrua bridge is located at the southern end of Kjøpmannsgata street and connects the central part of the city with the Bakklandet quarter, located on the right bank of the Nidelva river (read more )

Nidelva River and Bakklandet Quarter

Bakklandet quarter, Trondheim

If you cross the Old bridge, you will find yourself in the Bakklandet quarter, where most of the wooden buildings that have been preserved since the 18th century are located (read more )

Thomas Angells Hus

Thomas Angells Hus, Trondheim

Opposite the western entrance to the Old bridge is a luxurious mansion known as the Home of Thomas Angell. Thomas Angell (1692-1767) was a major Trondheim industrialist and merchant, who in 1762 bequeathed all his savings to help the poor (read more )

Nidaros Cathedral History

Nidaros Cathedral

To the south-west of the Old Bridge is Nidaros Cathedral (Nidarosdomen), the most important Lutheran church in Norway (read more )

Nidaros Cathedral Architecture

Nidaros Cathedral

The oldest, eastern part of the Cathedral is built in the Romano-Germanic style, characterized by massiveness, minimal decor and narrow windows (read more )

Sculptures of the Nidaros Cathedral. Western Facade

Nidaros Cathedral. Sculptures

The construction of most of the largest medieval cathedrals took several centuries, and some of the work continues to this day. Nidaros Cathedral, founded in 1070 and since then has been expanded and rebuilt many times, is no exception (read more )

Panoramic photos of Trondheim

Trondheim. Panoramic photo

(read more )