Bergen Places of Interest

Bryggen Hanseatic Embankment

Bryggen Hanseatic embankment, Bergen

Tourist's acquaintance with Bergen usually begins with the Bryggen embankment, where the main historical sites of the city are more

Bryggens Museum

Bryggens Museum, Bergen

To the right of the Hanseatic Assembly is the area of archaeological excavations. The history of the Bryggen quarter goes back more than 800 years, during which time a significant cultural layer was more

Rozenkrantz Tower

Rozenkrantz tower, Bergen

The oldest elements of the tower belong to the castle of King Magnus Lagabøtes, built in 1270 and named Bergenhus more

Bryggen Hanseatic Quarter

Bryggen Hanseatic Quarter, Bergen

The Lubeck Union (Lubeck hansa) was formed in the 12th century by German merchant guilds to protect trade from the tyranny of feudal lords and more

Bredsgården Farmstead

Bredsgården  farmstead, Bergen

The largest surviving farmstead in the Hanseatic quarter of Bryggen is Called Bredsgården (Bredsgården, literally "wide manor"), its facade is 22 meters wide and includes three "Sea" houses (Sjøstue), where the owners lived and housed a shop and more

Bryggestredet Square

Bryggestredet, Bergen

After passing through it, we will find ourselves in an elongated square surrounded on all sides by wooden buildings. This stone-paved open space does not resemble the narrow streets covered with wooden floors, but rather the courtyards of the estates of Hanseatic more

Monument of Codfish

Monument of Codfish, Bergen

Norwegian cod remained the main export commodity of Bergen merchants for four centuries of the Hansa's more

Bellgarden Farmstead

Bellgarden Farmstead, Bergen

From Bruggestredet square, we turn onto Bellgarden Street and once again walk along the wooden flooring of the narrow passage between the wooden more

Torget Square

Torget square, Bergen

After exploring the Hanseatic quarter, take a walk around Torget square. The Zachariasbryggen restaurant complex, rebuilt from warehouses on the pier of the same name, is located in a large white building at the beginning of the Bryggen more

Fisketorget Seafood Market

Fisketorget seafood market, Bergen

Along the eastern shore of Vågen bay located the rows of tents marine market Fisketorget, originating in the 13th more

Fløibanen Funicular

Fløibanen funicular, Bergen

At the end of Vetrlidsallmenningen street is the lower station of the Fløibanen funicular, where we had to climb to the observation platform of mount Flø more