Sculpture of Norway

Vigeland Sculpture Park (Frogner Park), Oslo

Vigeland Monolith, Oslo

To the west of the center of Oslo is the district of Frogner, the Northern part of which occupies a large green array Frognerparken, better known as the "Sculpture park of Vigeland" read more

Sculptures and Bas-reliefs of Oslo City Hall

Oslo City Hall

The City Hall is richly decorated with sculptures and bas-reliefs made by famous Norwegian artists read more

Wooden Bas-reliefs by Dagfin Werenskiold

Wooden Bas-relief, Oslo City Hall

The galleries that run from both sides of the main entrance to Oslo City Hall are decorated with polychrome wooden bas-reliefs created based on Norse mythology by the artist Dagfin Werenskiold in the 40s and 50s read more

Synken Sculpture Complex, Oslo

Synken sculpture complex, Oslo

In 1939, the municipality of Oslo announced a competition for the design of the town hall square, the winner was the project of the composition "Sinken", presented by sculptors Emil Lie and Per Hurum read more

Glove of Christian VI Fountain (Hansken), Oslo

Fountain 'The Glove', Oslo

The composition is based on the legend that after the fire of 1624, king Christian IV ordered to rebuild the city in a new place, pointing his finger at the map slightly away from the burned-out quarters read more

Marilyn Monroe Statue, Haugesund

Marilyn Monroe monument, Haugesund

On the waterfront, next to the Rica Maritim Hotel, is the pride of the city - a monument to the great Marilyn Monroe. It would seem that what does the iconic American actress to the Norwegian fishing village read more

Monument of Codfish, Bergen

Monument of Codfish, Bergen

Norwegian cod remained the main export commodity of Bergen merchants for four centuries of the Hansa's existence read more

Sculptures of the Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral. Sculptures

The construction of most of the largest medieval cathedrals took several centuries, and some of the work continues to this day. Nidaros Cathedral, founded in 1070 and since then has been expanded and rebuilt many times, is no exception read more

Gargoyles and Ornaments of Nidaros Cathedral

Gargoyle and ornament, Nidaros Cathedral

Typical elements of medieval Gothic decoration are present in abundance in the appearance of Nidaros Cathedral. The western part of the Cathedral, built in the late Gothic style, is particularly richly decorated. The eastern part in the Anglo-German style has a more modest design read more