Museum of Air and Space in Le Bourget

The world's oldest aviation Museum was founded in 1919 and now contains more than 20,000 exhibits, ranging from Leonardo da Vinci's designs to modern space rockets

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Museum of air and space in Le Bourget (Musée de l'air et de l'espace)

One of the largest aviation museums in the world is located in the suburbs of Paris Le more

Breguet 1150 Atlantic, Anti-Submarine Aircraft

Breguet 1150 Atlantic (Le Bourget)

Long-range naval patrol aircraft Br.1150 Atlantic, developed and manufactured by Breguet Aviation, began service in 1965 and is currently in use. The main purpose of the aircraft-reconnaissance and destruction of more

Dassault Rafale A Fighter Prototype

Dassault Rafale A, Le Bourget

At the end of the seventies in European countries, there was a need for a fourth-generation fighter. The French company Dassault at that time had a well-developed concept of the aircraft, which included the most advanced more

Hirsch H. 100 Experimental Aircraft

Experimental aircraft Hirsch H. 100, Le Bourget museum

Aerodynamic engineer René Hirsch worked on the problem of aircraft stabilization in turbulence zones since 1936, founding after the WWII the company Moyens aérodynamiques de regulation et de contrôle (MAéRC). The only practical result of research was the twin-engine aircraft H. 100, which performed its first flight on June 15, more

Payen Pa 49 Katy, Experimental Aircraft

Payen Pa 49 Katy, Le Bourget

Aviation engineer Nicolas Roland Payen (1914-2004) - French pioneer of the use of the Delta wing and tailless scheme, built his first aircraft Pa 22 in more

Douglas C-47 Skytrain (Dakota), Military Transport Aircraft

C-47 Skytrain (Dakota), Le Bourget

Douglas DC-3 aircraft, which gave rise to mass passenger air transportation, made its first flight on December 17, 1935, its military version called C-47 Skytrain went into series in early more

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI fighter

Spitfire Mk.XVI

The Spitfire fighter was developed by Supermarine under the guidance of engineer Reginald Mitchell, known as the designer of the Supermarine S.6B racing seaplane, which became the winner of the Schneider more

CASA 2.211 bomber

CASA 2.111, Le Bourget

This is not a Heinkel-111, as it may seem at first glance, but its licensed copy of the Spanish production. CASA 2.111 aircraft produced from 1945 to more

'Caravelle' Sud Aviation SE 210

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle

This aircraft became not only a symbol of the rebirth of France as a great aviation power, but also became a trendsetter in the layout of passenger aircraft for the next two more