Aviation Museums and Historical Aircrafts

Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa

Finnish Avivation Museum

The Museum was founded in 1969 and is located one kilometer from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are more than 100 aircraft and gliders in two pavilions and an open area, including the only surviving copy of the Soviet UTI-4, as well as a large number of aviation and airfield equipment read more

Rahimi M. Koch museum, Istanbul

B-24D Liberator 'Hadley's Harlem' bomber

The main exhibit in the aviation section of the museum is the B-24 Liberator bomber that participated in the raid on Ploiesti, as well as other military and civilian aircraft read more

Museum of Aeronautics in Madrid (Museo del Aire)

Museum of Aeronautics in Madrid

The national aviation Museum occupies the territory of Madrid's very first airfield, Cuatro Ventos. In seven hangars and a large open Parking lot, you can see about 200 planes and helicopters and thousands of other exhibits that tell about the history of Aeronautics read more

Museum of Air and Space in Le Bourget

Музей авиации в Ле-Бурже

The world's oldest aviation Museum was founded in 1919 and now contains more than 20,000 exhibits, ranging from Leonardo da Vinci's designs to modern space rockets read more