Over the years my travels through Europe and countless flights, I got a lot of impressions of the airlines with which I had to fly and the airports that I visited. Also accumulated a huge number of photos taken from the plane and at airports waiting for flights. Earlier I placed them on its website, Travels with LPSPhoto, but eventually issued these materials on their own website. Here posted photos of me visited to aviation museums. I hope that my notes will be useful not only air passengers, but also anyone who loves aviation and is interested in its history.

Museum of Air and Space in Le Bourget

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle (Le Bourget)

This aircraft became not only a symbol of the rebirth of France as a great aviation power, but also became a trendsetter in the layout of passenger aircraft for the next two decades...read more

Douglas DC-8 'Le SARIGuE', Electronic Reconnaissance Aircraft (Le Bourget)

Douglas DC-8 'Le SARIGuE', Electronic Reconnaissance Aircraft (Le Bourget)

The DC-8 transcontinental liner entered the line in 1968, becoming Douglas answer to the Boeing-707. The aircraft with four turbojet engines could accommodate up to 174 passengers and had a range of over 8 thousand kilometers...read more