Pipervika Bay, Oslo

Pipervika is one of the bays of Oslofjord, which cuts right into the city center. There used to be a trading port, and the shores were crowded slums. In the early 20th century the city authorities launched a project of complete reconstruction the shores of the Bay-the port was taken out of the center, leaving only passenger berths.

Promenade Stranden, Oslo

On the northwest shore of the Bay, the broad and beautiful Stranden waterfront has replaced the slums.

Promenade Stranden, Oslo

And in the end rebuilt the business and Museum quarter Tjuvholmen.

Quarter Tjuvholmen, Oslo

The ultra-modern building of the Museum of modern art Atropa Fearnley opened in September 2012.

Oslo, Museum of contemporary art Atropa Fearnley

only the old red brick warehouse is reminiscent of the port past of the modern waterfront.

Pipervika, Oslo

To the left of the waterfront Town hall square there are quays where you can see a variety of boats - from old steamers to modern cruise liners.

Historical ships in the Harbor of Pipervika, Oslo

Here You can see several historic steamships Børøysund and Styrbjørn, Alta mine sweeper.

Historical ships in the Harbor of Pipervika, Oslo

The sailing ship Christian Radich is also based here, he is usually at sea, but today I was lucky enough to see this elegant ship.

Sailing ship Christian Radich, Oslo

From the docks Pipervika you can go for a cruise on the Oslofjord.

Harbour Pipervika, Oslo

including sailing ships stylized as old fishing schooners.

Sailing schooner, Harbour Pipervika, Oslo

Recreational craft traffic is very heavy, although tourists are few and the short Norwegian summer is ending.

Ferry, Pipervika, Oslo

Pipervika's ferry terminals connect The city centre with the numerous islands of Oslofjord.

Ferry, Pipervika, Oslo

The eastern shore of the bay occupies Akershus fortress, and under its walls there is a cruise terminal.

Akershus Fortress, Oslo

From the pier just departed Costa Luminosa cruse liner, we have already met with him on this trip in Geiranger and Bergen.

Costa Luminosa in Oslo

In the west you can see the museums of the Bygdøy peninsula.

Bygdøy museums

To the south, the vast expanses of the Oslofjord stretch away.