Bergen Walking Route

Of course, it takes several days to get to know Bergen in detail, but not all tourists have this opportunity. I offer you the route of the first acquaintance with the city, where you can see the main sights in 3-4 hours.

Bergen, sightseeing map
  • A. Archaeological museum, excavations, Hanseatic Assembly halls (Schøtstuene).
  • B. Hanseatic embankment (Bryggen), Rosenkrantz Tower.
  • C. Bredsgarden street.
  • D. Bruggestredet square.
  • E. Monument to codfish.
  • F. Hanseatic Museum.
  • G. Torget embankment. Seafood market (Fisketorvet).
  • H. Vågsallmenningen square.
  • I. Vetrlidsallmenningen street.
  • J. Photo rarities store.
  • K. Kindergarten (Christi Krybbe skoler)
  • L. Fløbanen Funicular

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