Wooden Architecture

Royal Residence Stiftsgården, Trondheim

Royal Residence Stiftsgården, Trondheim

The Stiftsgården mansion is used as the residence of the Royal family of Norway. If you do not know about this, you can not pay much attention to the building, it does not look like a luxury Royal palaces...read more

Kjøpmannsgata, Trondheim

Kjøpmannsgata, Trondheim

The city's buildings are separated from the coastal warehouses by an unusually wide street called Kjøpmannsgata...read more

Farms on Langedalen Valley, Norway

Langedalen valley, Farm

This part of the highway stretches in the valley of the river Langedalselva, and therefore is called Langedalen. From the road the river is almost invisible, the landscape is diversified only by lonely farms among green fields...read more

Bryggen Hanseatic Quarter

Bryggen Hanseatic Quarter, Bergen

The Lubeck Union (Lubeck hansa) was formed in the 12th century by German merchant guilds to protect trade from the tyranny of feudal lords and piracy...read more

Bredsgården Farmstead, Bergen

Bredsgården  farmstead, Bergen

The largest surviving farmstead in the Hanseatic quarter of Bruggen is Called Bredsgården (Bredsgården, literally "wide manor"), its facade is 22 meters wide and includes three "Sea" houses (Sjøstue), where the owners lived and housed a shop and office...read more

The House of the Vikings, Avaldsnes

Vikings house, Avaldsnes

In the center of the Viking farm is a residential building built in 1997. This is a reconstruction of a real Norwegian house from 950, discovered by archaeologists in the Oma village of Rugaland province...read more

Røldal Stavkyrkje, Norway

Røldal stavkyrkje

The main fame of the town is brought by one of the oldest buildings in Norway, a wooden church Røldal stavkyrkje, built in the thirteenth century...read more )

Thaulow-museet, Oslo

Thaulow-museet, Oslo

his house was built in 1752 in Leikanger by the parish priest Gert Geelmuyden and served as a shelter and hospital. The priest himself lived in one of the rooms on the first floor...read moreе

Stave Church History and Architecture

Stavkirka, wooden church

At the dawn of Christianity in Norway, a peculiar type of сhurch appeared, called "Stavkirka" (from the Norse "stav" - stand)...read more