Trøndelag Province Places of Interest

Trøndelag region is located in the Central part of Norway. The capital city of province is Steinkjer, but most of the population lives in Trondheim. Thanks to the temperate climate, the abundance of flat land and the fertile soil, people settled here many thousands of years ago. And now Trøndelag produces most of Norway's agricultural products. It is a country of tiny farming villages scattered among wide fields and gently wooded mountains, a great place for wildlife lovers and ecotourists.

Røros and the Surrounding Area


In 1645, work began on the extraction of copper ore and there was a mining village with a smelting factory. The city has about a hundred buildings built in the 17th and 18th centuries, which are carefully preserved in their original more

Gaula River Valley (Gauldalen)

Gaula river valley

The Gaula river originates in the Kjølifjellet mountain range at an altitude of 950 meters and flows into the Trondheimfjord, its length is 145 more

Gaudalen. Outskirts of Trondheim

Gaudalen. Outskirts of Trondheim

Continue your way along the Gaula river in the direction of Trondheim. Gradually the area becomes more more



Archaeologists have discovered that the first people settled between the mouth of the Nidelva river and the Trondheim fjord in the fourth century BC. The ancient Norwegians were engaged in fishing and more

West Trøndelag. Vinje Fjord

West Trøndelag

Leaving Trondheim, continue on the E39 highway through the western part of the Trøndelag province. This is an area with gently wooded hills and rare farms, there are almost no tourist attractions and this area is of interest only for lovers of wildlife and more