Røros and around. Attractions

Our acquaintance with Norway begins in the South-Eastern part of the province of Trendelag, on the territory of the Røros municipality, where we crossed the border with Sweden.

Røros, a Mining Town of the 17th century


The name of the city comes from the farm Røraas, which appeared here about 1530, which meant the mouth of the river Røa, which fell in this place in the river Glomma...(read more)

Bergstadens Ziir Church

Bergstadens Ziir, Røros сhurch

Church of Røros (Røros Kirke) is better known as "Bergstadens Ziir", which is often translated as "Mountain Cathedral". In fact "bergstadens ziir", in Norwegian means "Decoration of the mountains" (read more)

Kjerkgata Street

Røros, Kjerkgata street

Finally, we will walk along the main street of the town. It is called Kjerkgata, which means "the street where the church is located" (read more)

Nilsenhjørnet park. Miner and his wife monument

Røros, Nilsenhjørnet park

Between the post office and the railway station is a neat little park Nilsenhjørnet...(read more)

Røros natural parks. Holtalen

Røros natural parks

Rerus is popular not only as a historic mining town, it is also known for its surroundings. Beautiful landscapes and untouched nature attract fans of ecological tourism...(read more)