Hans Beimler Missile Boat, Peenemünde

The People's Fleet of the German Democratic Republic (Volksmarine) consisted of five Molniya-type missile boats built in the USSR in 1986. After the unification of Germany, these ships became part of the Bundesmarine and served until 1990. The boat with the number VM PtNo 575. "Hans Beimler" in 1994 was transferred to the Museum of Technology in Peenemünde, now it is moored in the harbor as a museum ship. I offer you a story about his visit and a detailed description of his weapons, equipment and interior spaces.

Hans Beimler Missile Boat, Peenemünde

Project 1241.RE 'Molnija' (Tarantul-class) Missile Boat History and Description

Tarantul-class Missile Boat

In 1973, the government of the USSR commissioned the Central Naval Design Bureau "Almaz" to create a small strike ship to carry the Moskit anti-ship missiles. This development was a response to the appearance of similar ships in the NATO naval forces...read more

АК-176 Naval Gun

АК-176 Soviet Naval Gun

Soviet project 1241 "Molniya" missile corvettes (Tarantul class in NATO) were armed with an AK-176 universal artillery system mounted in the bow (read more )