The Northern Nice


The capital of the Møre og Romsdal province originates from a fishing village that appeared in the 11th-12th century. At the end of the middle ages, the village acquired commercial significance, Dutch merchants opened their trading posts here (read more )

Molde. Evening Walk Along the Hamnegata Promenade

Hamnegata promenade, Molde

I checked into the hotel and headed downtown. The plan was to find a grocery store first, but everything was already closed nearby. After this I turned on to the Fjordgata street leading to the water (read more )

Night Molde. Moldetorget Square

Molde Town Hall

There are no historical buildings here, the modern development is due to the fact that the city was heavily destroyed by German aircraft, as the government and the Norwegian gold reserve were evacuated from the port of Molde to England (read more )

Along the Bank of Molde


The new journey day begins with another ferry crossing to the other side of the Rumsdalfjord. From the ferry you can take a look at the whole city, which was able to walk a little last night (read more )