Gloster Gamecock MK-II GA-58 Fighter (Vantaa)

The Gloster Gamecock MK-II GA-58 fighter was developed by the British firm British Gloucestershire Aircraft Co. and it has been mass-produced since 1925. In 1927, the Finnish Air Force bought one copy for test tests, according to the results of which a production license was purchased. The state aircraft factory Valtion Lentokonetehdas (VL) produced these aircraft under the name "Kukko" (Rooster), 15 cars were built before 1930, it was the first serial fighter of Finnish production. The aircraft served until 1944, were used in the Winter and World War II as reconnaissance aircraft. The wreckage presented in the museum is the result of a crash during a training flight in 1940. These remains of the fuselage are the only surviving copy of the Gloster MK-II.

Gloster Gamecock MK-II GA-58 fighter, Vantaa

12-cylinder three-row Napier Lion XI aircraft engine with a capacity of 580 hp, produced since 1928 and installed on Gloster fighters.

Napier Lion XIA aircraft engine