Visit to Nigardsbreen Glacier

On these pages you will find a detailed illustrated story about climbing one of the most famous glaciers in Norway.

Nygardsbrevatnet Glacial Lake

Nygardsbrevatnet Glacial Lake

After a theoretical introduction to the glaciers in the Fjorland Museum, we will consolidate our knowledge in practice, and we will go to the Nygardsbrin glacier, another language of the same great Eustedalsbrin read more

Nygardsbreen Glacier Trail

Nygardsbreen Glacier

The boat ride on the glacial lake took only five minutes, and the boat took us to a small pier. Before the glacier we have to walk about a kilometer along the shore of the lake read more

Nygardsbreen Glacier Ascent

Nygardsbreen Glacier

After half an hour of easy trekking along the shore of Lake Nigardsbrevatnet and climbing a gentle slope, we reached the lower border of the glacier, located a hundred meters above the lake level read more

Glacial River

Nigarsdsbrin Glacier

You can see that many streams flow out from under the ice thickness, flowing over smooth rocks, and they undermine the glacier from below, creating a danger of destruction. But why does the glacier melt not only from above, but also under a multi-meter thickness, where temperatures are clearly below zero? read more