Risøybrua Bridge, Haugesund

From the Marilyn Monroe monument, I went to the Risøybrua bridge, which connects the island of Risøy with the mainland and central part of Haugesund.

Risøybrua bridge, Haugesund

The bridge was opened on may 14, 1939. the memorial plaque says that the bridge was built in 354 days by 60 workers. The length of the structure is 361 meters, the height above the water is 22 meters.

Risøybrua bridge, Haugesund

The bridge was reconstructed in 1991 and 2008, as a result of the latter there was a beautiful illumination, which I looked at on yesterday's evening walk.

Risøybrua bridge, Haugesund

An overpass leads to the bridge, under which a small "Festivalkapell" is hidden. This branch of the city Church is open during the festivals that Haugesund hosts at the end of the summer. According to the idea of the clergy, here people can spend a little time in silence and think about the eternal. I do not know how successful this idea is - the attendants themselves complain that festival guests often look for a toilet in this house, and not finding it, do their business around the corner of the chapel.

Festivalkapell, Haugesund

Also under the overpass was found a painting shop Hantho Gallery, which sells the work of local artists.

Hantho Gallery, Haugesund

Next to the overpass is the oldest restaurant in the city Lothes Mat Vinhus.

Lothes Mat Vinhus Restaurant, Haugesund

Well, I went up the overpass to look at Haugesund and its surroundings from the height of the bridge.

Risøybrua bridge, Haugesund