Akershus Fortress

History of Fortress

Akershus Fortress

In 1287, the Royal residence of Håkon V Magnusson in Oslo was attacked by the army of the rebel nobleman Alv Erlingsson, resulting in the city being burned and looted. After that, the king decided to build a fortress to protect the city...read more

Maiden's Tower (Jomfrutårnet)

Maiden's tower, Akershus Fortress, Oslo

The southern tower of the castle, which is called "Maiden's" was built in 1299-1304 on a rock base and for a long time served as the main entrance to the castle...read more

Romeriks Bastion and Knutstårnet Gate

Romeriks Bastion, Akershus Fortress, Oslo

Now you can get inside the citadel by climbing the path that runs along the western side of the castle. The entrance to the fortress is protected by a small fortification with loopholes, built in 1770. Behind the first arch is the Romeriks Bastion, built during the Kalmar War of 1611-1613 to protect the entrance to Pipervika Harbour...read more

Akershus Castle

Akershus Castle, Oslo

The central part of the fortress is occupied by the castle (Akershus slott). To avoid confusion: first Akershus castle was built, and much later around it appeared fortifications, forming the fortress of Akershus...read more

Kontraskjæret Park

Kontraskjæret park, Oslo

To the north side of the Akershus fortress borders the Kontraskjæret park. The name comes from the French word "contrescarpe", this fortification was located on the site of the current park...read more