Over Southern Europe. Istanbul-Lisbon

40 minutes after leaving Istanbul, I I looked up from my guidebooks and looked out the porthole. In the haze, the door was visible. a high mountain on a Peninsula jutting out far into the sea. After looking at the on the map, I determined that it was the famous mount Athos, located on the North of the island. the tip of the Peninsula of the same name. It gave a stunning view of the landscape bright "mushroom cap" that covered the top. What caused this optical shift the effect, I can not say, perhaps the top, wrapped in clouds, is illuminated the sun, while below, a haze hangs over the sea, engulfing it sun. The observation time is about 11: 46 European time.

Mount Athos.View from the plane

Further on our route lay over the amazing landscapes of Northern Greece, called by the Greeks familiar to us in a word - "mountains of Pindos". On Russian maps, they are for some reason ashamed they are called "pind".

Greece, The Pindos Mountain Range (Pindos). View from the plane

And this is Albania. Above you can see the blue strip of the Adriatic.

Mountains Of Albania. View from the plane

Cape Gjuheza, on the mountain slopes, burning forests.

Cape Gjuheza. View from the plane

The coast of the "heel" of the "Italian boot".

.View from the plane

The Peninsula of Sorrento with the city of the same name. Good you can see the white pier of the sea port, where high-speed ferries run to Naples and the island of Capri. Unfortunately, Vesuvius was left on the starboard side.

The Sorrento Peninsula. View from the plane

The Island Of Sardinia. There's something burning here, too.

Sardinia. View from the plane

It looks like grass and bushes are burning.

Sardinia. Natural fire. View from the plane.

Then for almost 2 hours we flew over a solid cloud cover,

The clouds. View from the plane

and only before landing, the landscapes of the Tagus river basin appeared.

Portugal. The Tagus River. View from the plane