Runic stone, Stockholm

From the Schantz house, follow the narrow Kåkbrinken lane that leads to the embankment and descend to the next street, Pråstgatan. Stockholm, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Gamla Stan, O

In the basement of the corner house (on the map), you can see a runic stone, used as a building material. Lettering around the edges it stands for " Torsten and Frögunn put this stone in honor of birth of a son” and date back to the 11th century, the origin of the stone is unknown. In In 2002, a laser analysis was performed, as a result of which it was found that that the work on the stone was done by two different people - the stonecutter and his assistant the student. The cannon was used to protect the corner of the house from passing carriages. on the street. Stockholm, a runic stone of the 11th century. Stockholm