Wheel of Life (Livshjulet), Vigeland Park

The main axis of Vigeland Park ends at the top of the hill, where the monument "Wheel of Life" is installed.

Wheel of Life of Vigeland (Livshjulet). Oslo

The sculpture concentrates the main idea of the Park-the infinity of life. Each cycle of human life creates a new life. Vigeland worked on a plaster model of the "Wheel" in 1933-34, and then a three-meter metal frame was made, on which the sculptor was mounted he sculpted a life-size model out of clay, and the mold for casting was made from it. This is the most technically complex creation of the great sculptor, according to him, this work brought him maximum satisfaction.

Wheel of life of Vigeland (Livshjulet). Oslo

From the "Wheel" opens the entire perspective of the Park and the best view of the Monolith.

Oslo, Vigeland Park

The far exit from the Park ends in a quiet cemetery, which also corresponds to the General idea of the sculptor, but it is unknown whether this was taken into account by Vigeland in his project.

Oslo, Vigeland Park

Similar in design and implementation is Garden of Prince (Jardins del Princep) located in the Spanish city of Tortosa.