Geiranger. A Little bit of Wild Nature

First down to the water, closer to nature.

Geirangerfjord panorama

Someone has built here, "the needle of the Vikings" in honor of your visit to this beautiful area.

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Strict beauty of the Northern nature is striking in the spring with fresh greens, despite the fact that summer is already on the decline.

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On the other side see a small village Halong, consisting mostly of guest houses.

Halong, Geirangerfjord

view of the fjord animates a cruise liner Costa Luminosa.

Geiranger panorama, Costa Luminosa

In this small village, of course, no jetty, able to take a huge floating hotels, so transportation of tourists is on the beach with ship's boats.


this boat carries tourists on a cruise on the Geirangerfjord, the waterfall "the Seven sisters".


Another watercraft - Viking ship. Unlike the ancient drakar, he was moving without the aid of sails.

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