Avaldsnes. Tankers, Horses and Sheeps

Returning from the Viking village, I do not get tired of admiring the beauty of the local places.

Avaldsnes panorama Avaldsnes Avaldsnes Avaldsnes Avaldsnes

In the Strait stands the products of the Haugesund shipyard. The company specializes in the production of oil tankers.

Avaldsnes panorama Avaldsnes

On the hilly meadow walks without any supervision a lot of livestock.


You can go up to the horses and stroke them.

Avaldsnes. Icelandic horse

Horse of the Vikings was short of stature, with a large head and shaggy bangs. The shortness of the breed is explained simply - they were easier to transport by water. With a short stature, it is also easier to move on the rocks and ice-typical landscapes of the country of the Vikings.

Avaldsnes.Icelandic horse

Now this breed is called the "Icelandic horse", because in its pure form it has been preserved and cultivated on this island.


The wool of local sheep, although quite coarse, is very warm. Norwegian wool products are in constant demand.

Avaldsnes Avaldsnes