Sorrento. Lemon Garden

Sorrento I got on the train from the station of Porta Nolana, that very close to the Central Station. Commuter trains go from there, however, for some reason, the bulk of passengers prefer to take the train on the Central, where normally throng and crowd ... The ticket costs 1.70 one way, you can buy right there and back. In preparation for the trip, I read about a three-day ticket for 20 euros, and it operates in the subway, but in practice buy tickets for a specific trip turned out much cheaper. Opposite Railway Station Square is Angelino Laura  (Piazza Angelino Laura, on map ), through which passes the main street of Sorrento - Corso Italia.  Sorrento. Angelino Laura area (Piazza Angelino Laura)

Bronze obelisk "Cassodoro", dedicated to the fallen of  wars, the famous Milanese sculptor Arnaldo Pomadoro  in 1988. Monuments of the artist can be found in all of Italy - the most famous of his creation - "Sphere within a Sphere" in the Vatican. Sorrento. Obelisk & quot; Cassodoro & quot;

The first thing I went to the Limonar, located right next to the right of the sqare ( on map ). Sorrento. Limonar.

Unfortunately, the main entrance was closed. Sorrento. Limonar.

I had to be limited to the study of the remarkable ceramic panels on the sides of the portal. Sorrento. Limonar.

Of course, the pictures dedicated lemons. Sorrento. Limonar.

 Today is Sunday, in the schedule no mention of the weekend days, but the garden was closed. Sorrento. Limonar.

Opposite of the garden, there is the Michelangelo Hotel (on map ) with  beautifully fasade decorated with vases of carnations.  Sorrento. Hotel Michelangelo's

In the evening, a special charm to the building will absolutely fantastic light design - at the right column, you can see spotlights.  Sorrento. Hotel Michelangelo's