Sheremetievo. Spotting while waiting for a flight

My journey to Italy began in Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg. Originally I planned to fly to southern Europe via Istanbul, as I have done many times before, but now Aeroflot offered a lower price. The answer is simple - the Euro exchange rate it has recently risen, and Aeroflot's rouble prices have not yet reached their lowest level. changed. I have booked a round trip ticket for Yekaterinburg-Moscow-Rome, I chose the payment currency in euros and paid with a card with an account in euros. In as a result, the entire flight cost me 247 euros.

Koltsovo Airport

Out of old habit, I shoved my warm clothes in my pocket. I put my backpack in my Luggage, but there was an ambush waiting for me in Sheremetyevo - the temperature was high 15 degrees Celsius with a minus sign and disembarking from the plane on the field with delivery to the airport terminal by bus. After all, it's the end of March, and I don't know why. the platform shows traces of recent snowfall.

Sheremetyevo airport.

My memory was filled with an ice-cold image. the shed is a semi-trailer, towed by a ZIL-130, without any hint of a tractor. climate control equipment that still had to wait on frosty wind - from an era when landing galleries could only be seen in the sky. films "about abroad". But it wasn't so bad - just a little it was necessary to go down the ramp to the waiting bus, in which it was quite comfortable.

Sheremetyevo airport.

It was almost 4 hours before the flight to Rome, and I took a leisurely photo of the airlift liners in my patrimony.

Sheremetyevo airport.

A-321 with the flight number VQ-BEO, bearing the name of a Russian agrobiologist Ivan Michurin.

Sheremetyevo airport. A-321 Aeroflot VQ-BEO Ivan Michurin

A-320 VQ-BIU, named after Kliment Timiryazev, the founder of the Russian school of plant physiology.

Sheremetyevo airport. A-320 Aeroflot VQ-BIU, Kliment Timiryazev

A-320 VP-BLR landed, with the name of electrical engineer Pavel Yablochkov on Board.

Sheremetyevo airport. A-320 Aeroflot VP-BLR P.Yablochkov

He's pulling into the Parking lot.

Sheremetyevo airport.

Dmitry Shostakovich takes off, A-320 VP-BMF.

Sheremetyevo airport. Aeroflot Dmitry Shostokovich, A-320 VP-BMF

A-319 VP-BBT of Donavia company.

The Sheremetyevo Airport. A-319, VP-BBT Donavia

YU-APJ Air Serbia Airbus A319.

Sheremetyevo airport. YU-APJ Air Serbia Airbus A319

A-320 VQ-BSG "Yuri Senkevich".

The Sheremetyevo Airport. A-320 VQ-BSG Aeroflot Yuri Senkevich

A-321 VP-BQR "Ilya Repin" took off.

Sheremetyevo airport. A-321 VP-BQR Aeroflot Ilya Repin

Sheremetyevo-2 air terminal - a cult building Soviet era, the main international airport of the country of Soviets and a symbol of the Soviet era loopholes in the "iron curtain". In those days ,you could" look behind the curtain" only the chosen ones.

Sheremetyevo-2 Airport Terminal

I noticed a huge accumulation of Luggage carts between the landing galleries.

Sheremetyevo airport.

By in fact, the gate is not used, but could receive planes. Yes and looks like it it's not very aesthetic. I haven't seen this in more than one airport, not even in the Russia.

Sheremetyevo airport.