Moscow. Tretyakov proezd, Lubyanka

The building with an arch was built by the architect A. S. Kaminsky in 1870-71 by order of the Tretyakov merchant brothers and was named "Tretyakov proezd". The brothers-patrons specially bought several houses on this site to demolish them and pave a street connecting Teatralny proezd with Nikolskaya on the site of the Kitay-Gorod gate that existed here.

Moscow, Tretyakov proezd. Moscow, Tretyakov proezd.

The facade facing the street is made in an eclectic style, with the reverse side of the arch resembles the medieval gate of Kitay-Gorod.

Moscow, Tretyakov proezd.

The hipped roof, turrets and crenellated parapets give the building the appearance of an old Russian fortress.

Moscow, Tretyakov proezd.

Lubyanka square. The apartment building, now known as the Cheka-KGB-FSB building, was commissioned by the Rossiya insurance company in 1897-1900. The author of the project is A.V. Ivanov, the building was built in the neoclassical style and decorated with non-arched details. The premises were rented out for apartments and shops. In 1919, the building was occupied by the Cheka of Moscow, and later the Central office of the all-Russian Commission settled here. In 1930-32, the building was rebuilt, as a result of which it became two floors higher and acquired its current appearance.

Moscow. Tenement house of an insurance company

Opposite the Polytechnic Museum, you can see the building of the Church of St. John the Evangelist under an Elmtree, built in 1825-1937. The Church was built on the site of an old stone temple of the 15th century. Now the Church building belongs to the Russian Orthodox University.

Moscow. St. John the Evangelist Church under the Elm tree