Moscow. Gum and Red square

At Lubyanka square I turned onto theNikolskaya and headed towards red square. On the way I looked at the bell towerThe Spassky Cathedral of the Zaikonospassky monastery. The Cathedral was founded in 1660.

Moscow. The bell tower of the Saviour Cathedral of Zaikonospassky monastery

I took a look at GUM, which I haven't visited for 20 years...

Moscow. GUM

I remember the "historical toilet", for visiting which they asked 80 rubles.

Moscow. GUM

I went out to Red square, where I hadn't been for a very long time either.

Moscow. The Red Square.

FacadeI will probably never be able to see the historical Museum without interference. As long as I remember, it was always blocked by portraits of leaders, or just metal structures, now they are mounting a composition for the Victory Day.

Moscow. The Red Square. Historical museum Moscow. The Red Square. Historical Museum, Cathedral of the Kazan mother of God