Sintra. Upper part of the old town-Rua Maria Navarro

Rua Consiglieri Pedroso ended at a sharp turn, and I continued almost in the opposite direction, along a street with an incredibly long name, Rua Maria Eugenia Reis Ferreira Navarro, which goes uphill. On the left is a huge Park behind a fence-signs hang-Privada - private property. Cintra. Sintra

In the trapezoidal niche of an endless stone fence covered with moss, a drinking fountain decorated with glazed ceramics was placed. According to the map, it's called Fonte de Pia Cintra. Sintra. Fonte de Pia fountain

Opposite the fountain, in the cozy courtyard of a 19th-century mansion, there is a small cafe with a view of the Serra Sintra hills. The cafe is also called Fonte de Pia. I must say, the prices of catering in Sintra are very attractive. Cintra. Sintra. Fonte de Pia restaurant

In a niche of the same wall - a monument to Carlos frantza-a famous Portuguese scientist-bacteriologist and hygienist. What relation has Sintra - it was not possible to find out. Sintra, Monument To Carlos Frantz. Sintra. Carlos Franca monument

Cintra. Sintra

Another Villa with a small garden and wonderful views. Dream... Cintra. Sintra

Such cars can be found now only in a remote village. Cintra. Sintra

Someone's Privada looks Out from behind an endless high fence... Cintra. Sintra

Villa Nogueiras (на карте) - замечательный образец мавританского стиля. Синтра. Sintra. Villa Nogueiras

Как-то незаметно я забрался довольно высоко. Внизу - утопающий в зелени исторический центр Синтры. Синтра. Sintra

Probably the best view of the city from here.The national Palace. Cintra. Sintra National Butler. Palácio Nacional de Sintra

Casa dos Penedos. Cintra. Sintra. Casa dos Penedos

Cintra. Sintra. Casa dos Penedos

Opposite is another fountain - Fonte da Sabuga Cintra. Sintra. Casa dos Penedos. fountain