Eastern Norway (Østlandet) Cities and Landscapes

Forests, lakes, and farms of Hedmark

Eastern Norway, Hedmark

This region is characterized by severe winters, in 1914, the lowest temperature in Central Norway was recorded here -50,4 °C. In 1718, during the Northern war, local frosts caused significant damage to the Swedish army, then more than 3,000 soldiers died from the cold...read more

Telemark: Åmot - Morgedal - Seljord - Sauland

Kilsnuten mountain, Telemark

After passing through the Haukelifjell highlands, we continue along the E134 highway towards Oslo in Telemark province. On the right side of the road we see the Kilsnuten mountain range, its peaks reach a height of 1313 meters...read more

Along the Oslofjord by DFDS Ferry


The shores and bays of Oslo were left astern. But until we say goodbye to Norway, our ferry will take several hours to go along the Oslo fjord to the Skagerrak Strait. The fjord cuts deep into the land for 102 kilometers, the Norwegian capital is located at the very end of it...read more