Reus. Casa Grau and Casa Segarra

In the next block from the San Juan hospital is a mansionCasa Grau on the map. It was built in 1910 by the architect Pere Caselles. Between the arches of the first floor, you can see a medallion with the initials of the owner of the house - " MG " (Miquel Grau Cabré).

Reus. The route of modernism. Casa Casa Grau Grau

The building is decorated with floral bas-reliefs, and the third-floor window is made in the form of a Greek cross.

Reus. The route of modernism. Casa Casa Grau Grau

On the right, the building is simpler, with floral bas-reliefs and wrought-iron balcony bars.

Reus. The route of modernism Reus. The route of modernism.

Каса Тарратс (Casa Tarrats, C. Sant Joan, 11), здание построено в конце 19 века.

Reus. the route of modernism. Market square-Plaza Mercadal. Casa Navas

This building with art Nouveau scrolls and artificial stone cladding can only be said to have been built in 1916. This quarter reminded me of Amsterdam, where the tax was levied on the width of the facade, so the buildings grew more up than out.

Reus. The route of modernism.

After another block, on the right side of the street, you will see Casa Segarra ( on the map) built in 1908. This is one of the best works of Pere Caselles. The first floor was intended for a store, and as usual without frills, the second is decorated with sgraffito, the upper floors-stucco. Everywhere, again, there are flowers and vegetation - the corporate style of the architect.

Reus. The route of modernism. Casa Segarra. Casa Segarra