U-461 submarine, Peenemünde

The Soviet submarine project 651 (NATO designation Juliett) was accepted into the Northern fleet in 1965 with the name K-24, then renamed B-124. The ship was on combat duty until 1988. This is the largest diesel-powered submarine in history. Now this submarine is located in the Harbor of Peenemunde as a Museum ship. Here you can get acquainted with the internal structure of the boat and feel the harsh atmosphere of the service of Soviet submariners during the Cold war.

U-461 submarine, Peenemünde

Project 651 Submarine (Juliett-class)

Peenemünde, Juliett-class submarine (U-461)

At the end of the 50s in the USSR, the design bureau "Rubin" developed a project of a submarine armed with cruise missiles...read more

Retractable Devices of the Juliett-class Submarine

Project 651 submarine (Juliett-class)

On the conning tower of the submarine, there are many extendable devices: communication antennas, three periscopes for various purposes, a radio direction finder, and antennas for the missile guidance system...read more

U461 Submarine Compartments

Submarine U-461, Peenemünde

The entrance to the interior of the submarine is cut out in the bow compartment. There are 6 torpedo tubes located here, the compartment is also a forecastle for torpedoists...read more

Missile Armament of the Juliett-class Submarine

Submarine U-461, Peenemünde

The main weapon of the submarine is four cruise anti-ship missiles with a turbojet engine, placed in lifting containers in the upper part of the deck...read more