Evening Madrid from a bus

It was dusk when our bus returned from Segovia to Madrid.

Evening Madrid

Spain square with fountains and the monument to Cervantes.

Evening Madrid

From the Plaza de Espana begins the Central part of the main street of Madrid-Gran via.

Evening In Madrid. Spain Square

. The Lope de VEGA theater, where the iconic Broadway musical "the lion King"has been running continuously since 2011. As of this writing, the production has been gathering a full house every night for the past 6 years.

Evening In Madrid. Lope de VEGA theater

The Gran Via.

Evening In Madrid. Gran Via

The commercial core of Madrid is located between the Gran via and the Puerta del Sol. Here you can find the El Corte Ingles Department store, which occupies several blocks, and many boutiques offering products from famous brands.

Evening In Madrid. Gran Via

Posters on the walls announce Madonna's concerts.

Evening In Madrid. Gran Via

Multiopticas-exclusive eyewear store.

Evening In Madrid. Multiopticas - exclusive eyewear store

At the point where Gran via meets Alcala Avenue, there is a building-hotel "metropolis". built at the end of the "Golden age", in 1911.

Evening In Madrid. The Building Of The Metropolis

A remarkable example of neoclassical architecture of the Parisian school was built at the end of the" Belle Epoque", in 1911..

Evening In Madrid. The Building Of The Metropolis

The building of the National Bank of Spain.

Evening In Madrid. Building of the National Bank of Spain

Canovas del Castillo square.

Evening In Madrid. Canovas del Castillo square

With the Neptune fountain in the center.

Evening In Madrid. The fountain of Neptune (Fuente de Neptuno)

Here ended my first and so brief acquaintance with the Spanish capital. The first, but far from the last - now it is the most visited city I visit, and to wander through the streets of which I never get tired.