Forio Places of Interest

The first half of the fourth day in Ischia, I spent exploring the town of Forio (emphasis on i!), located in the Western part of the island. The easiest way to get there from Ischia Porto is by bus on the CS ring line, which stops at the intersection of Via Cristoforo Colombo and Via Mons. Filippo Schioppa. Back goes, respectively, the bus line CD, which stops on the right across the road (on the map, I must say that I did not immediately find it - somehow it did not occur to me that the stop may be right at the intersection)

Forio Shopping streets

Forio. Via Erasmo di Lustro

From the former market square begins the shopping area. First of all, the town is famous for its ceramic workshops, which produce both souvenir and utilitarian more

Church of Santa Maria di Loreto

Church of Santa Maria di Loreto, Forio

The history of the сhurch began with the construction of a small chapel built by fishermen. a century and a half later, it was significantly expanded and by 1580 the facade had acquired a modern more

Piazza Matteotti

Matteotti Square, Forio

A block from the Basilica of Loreto, the shopping street of Francesco Regine ( Corso Avvocato Francesco Regine) widens to form an elongated square that looks more like a green more

Fountain 'Bidet'

Fountain 'Bidet', Forio

In the center of Matteotti square is an old fountain, considered one of the symbols of the town. However, I couldn't find any information about him, although I searched very carefully. The survey of local residents also ended in nothing - citizens only resented its deplorable state, that the city authorities do not care about the artifact at more

Soccorso Church

Soccorso church, Forio

On the Ponte Soccorso cape, which is far out in the sea, there is another symbol of Forio - the church of St. Mary the Saviour. The history of the Church begins with the Hermitage of the Augustinians-hermits, founded around more