Bamberg. Kettenbrücke (Chain bridge)

Looking at the old architecture and signage Aubert home, I turned on Kettenbrückstrasse heading towards the Old town Hall.

Bamberg, Kettenbrückstrasse

Kettenbruckengasse got its name from the eponymous bridge over the main-Danube canal with a long history.

Bamberg. Kettenbrückstrasse

The first bridge at this site (map) was built in 1771 by architect Neumana Chelem and was named Steinbogenbrücke (stone arch bridge).

Bamberg. Steinbogenbrücke bridge

However, the beautiful, and seemingly sturdy stone bridge stood for long - during the catastrophic floods 1784 the bridge was washed away by the torrents, after the recession of the water from the bridge remained only sticking out of the wreckage of the foundations of the bulls.

Bamberg. Steinbogenbrücke bridge

Now his image can be seen on the wall of the house, standing on the corner of Aubert königstraße and Kattenbrookstrift.

Bamberg. Steinbogenbrücke bridge

In 1909, built a new arched bridge, Seesbrücke, who also did not stand for long.

Bamberg. Seesbrücke

In 1929 he was replaced Ludwigs-Kettenbrücke (Chain Ludwig's bridge), and he served until 1891. The bridge has a design, a concept which has been used to design the Brooklyn bridge in new York city, built half a century later.

Bamberg. Ludwigs-Kettenbrücke (Chain Ludwig's bridge)

By the end of the 19th century, the chain bridge did not meet the requirements of increased traffic flow, 1892, and in its place was erected a steel truss bridge with a paved roadway, and from the name disappeared, the word "chain" and the bridge became known as "Ludwigsbrucke".

Bamberg. Ludwigsbrücke

In April 1945, the bridge Ludwigsbrucke was destroyed during the bombing of Bamberg American aviation.

Bamberg. Ludwigsbrücke

In 1953 a coastal support with a century history took the weight of another, for the reinforced concrete bridge.

Bamberg. Ludwigsbrücke

finally, in February 2009 opened current Kettenbrucke.

Bamberg. Chain bridge (Kettenbrücke)

the bridge Project has received several awards at the European and international architectural exhibitions.

Bamberg. Chain bridge (Kettenbrücke)

the Lovers, the townspeople immediately found the use of bridge railing for hanging locks of faithfulness.

Bamberg. Chain bridge (Kettenbrücke)

bridge Kettenbrucke overlooking the Canal and Bridge Luitpold (Luitpoldbrücke).

Bamberg. Bridge of Luitpold (Luitpoldbrücke)

On the other hand you can see Löwenbrücke  (lion's bridge). It is a modern bridge and no lions there, Lions decorated the old bridge, which stood on this spot. Bamberg. Löwenbrücke

Bamberg. The Main-Danube canal (Main-Donau-Kanal)

Source: Neue Kettenbrücke, Bamberg