Bamberg. Hauptwache (City Guardhouse)

Passing on the Chain bridge to the other side of the main-Danube Canal, I get on the street Hauptwachstraße, where begins the pedestrian area of the Old city.

Bamberg. Hauptwachstraße Bamberg. Hauptwachstraße Bamberg. Hauptwachstraße

City Guardhouse (Hauptwache, map), built in 1774 in Baroque style by the architect Johann Georg Roppelt.

Bamberg. The city Guardhouse (Hauptwache)

Theme decorations of the facade are consistent with the purposes of the building.

Bamberg. The city Guardhouse (Hauptwache)

Guardhouse - this means the main guard room for the accommodation of the guard. In this case, there is housed the barracks of the guards. From it came the name of the street.

Bamberg. The city Guardhouse (Hauptwache) Bamberg. Hauptwachstraße