Kluuvi District Places of Interest

Grönqvist house (Grönqvistin talo)

Grönqvist house, Helsinki

One of the Northern blocks of the Kluuvi district along the Esplanade Park occupies a huge building with turrets and intricate decorations, which the residents of Helsinki call "The Stone wall of Grönqvist" (read more )

Helsinki Central Station. History and Architecture

Helsinki Central Station

The most famous example of the Finnish art Nouveau is the building of the Central railway station (Helsingin päärautatieasema). Its history began in 1856, when the Russian Emperor Alexander II visited the Principality of Finland, which was then part of the Russian Empire (read more )

Argoksen talo or Wulffin kulman

Argoksen talo or Wulffin kulman, Helsinki

The corner house adjacent to the Stockmann Department store was built in 1897 by architect Niels Johan Settergren. This residential building, named "Argos" (Argoksen talo) is the first example of art Nouveau in Finland (read more )