Coronavirus: Italy vs Germany

As the Italians say, on the topic of the global epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, "only the pig did not speak out", yet I will allow myself to share some reasons that can be used to explain why Italy got the most. Whatever they say about the difference in the calculation method between Italy and Germany, where the death rate is very low, the huge number of deaths in Lombardy can not be attributed to the method. For example, in Bergamo, 164 deaths were registered in the first half of March, compared to 56 last year during this period. You can certainly write off the quality of medicine...Yes, Germany is undoubtedly better, but not so much. And this is not the case when medicine plays a crucial role, since there are no effective methods of treating the new scourge yet. They point out that Italy has a very large percentage of older people , but Germany is also considered one of the" oldest " in terms of demographics. In my opinion, the main role was played by the social and mental differences between Germans and Italians.

Here is the first example - a typical day off in an Italian city. Do you think it's a crowd of tourists? But no, it is overwhelmingly local residents, and if there are tourists, it is mostly the same Italians. Italians love spending time on the streets and in public places. In Germany, nothing like this is observed, except for beer festivals.

Do you think it's tourists? No, this is an Italian youth who likes to spend their free time in large companies. In Germany, however, it is almost impossible to meet idle young people at all, much less in large groups. By the way, older Italians, the "risk group", also like to hang out on the boulevards and cafes.

Family value. Relatives, even those who live separately, communicate very closely. Sunday lunch with three or four generations is a centuries-old tradition in Italy . And very correct, I mean... but not in this case. Going to visit is also quite a matter of routine. When I was traveling in Italy and rented accommodation through Airbnb, in the houses where I stayed, very often the owners spent the evening in the company of relatives or friends, often staying overnight.

And here are the "vectors of infection", as they say, directly from the original source. Chinese tourists in Italy are almost half of the total number. By the way, many people go on their own, and rent housing in families through Airbnb. Often the owners treat such guests very cordially and consider it their duty to invite them to the family table and talk about all sorts of things. There is no such number of tourists as in Italy in any country in the world, and Germany is not considered a popular tourist destination at all. In my opinion, all of the above factors have become the main cause of the explosive spread of the epidemic in Italy , and most importantly, high mortality.

If we compare the Italians with the Germans, it is necessary to tell about the physiological differences. Who are the most active travelers? Answer: German pensioners. Visiting different countries helps to strengthen the immune system, as there the body often encounters atypical for the native area of bacteria and is constantly in good shape. Who bathes in the New year in nice? Russians, who plunge into the water with screams and then jump out on the Bank, and German pensioners, who slowly and without a shudder go into the water. Germany is not a hot country, so the Germans are used to cold, and often sleep with the Windows open, which helps to strengthen the respiratory system, one of the most vulnerable parts of the body to viruses.

Active old age: who can you most often meet on the mountain path of a natural Park? Of course, the German pensioner , whose endurance can be envied by many 40-50 year-old representatives of other Nations. "Movement is life, and life is movement", as the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said.