Coronavirus - the Beginning of Chinese Control Over the World

Against the backdrop of a pandemic and progressive growth in the number of cases and deaths around the world, the paralysis of the world economy, Greater China is celebrating victory over the epidemic and restoring normal life. In this regard, I would like to give some facts and reflections on the current situation:

1. China has suffered very little from the virus, with the number of cases and deaths per 1 million people already among the lowest in the world.

2. in Fact, now China is the only workable country in the world, besides the price of raw materials has fallen to nothing, China's industry has no competitors, but there is a huge demand around the world, as the production of other countries has declined significantly.

3. Italy and Spain are hotbeds of Chinese expansion in Europe. The Chinese have settled densely in the South of Italy, for example, in Naples on the site of an abandoned industrial zone and Gypsy settlements now Chinatown, skyscrapers and modern workshops. But, as it is not surprising, the epidemic has covered the North, where there is almost no Chinese business. The same thing is happening in Spain - Madrid and Catalonia have been affected, and the southern provinces, where mainly the Chinese do business, are slightly affected.

4. Now the virus attacks the United States, China's main political and economic rival, most of all.

5. with creeping Chinese expansion, no one in the world fought, and as soon as Donald trump declared a trade war with China, less than six months later, the pandemic began.

You may ask - but what about Wuhan? Why would they poison themselves? Yes, it's very simple! This is a cover-up operation and at the same time a great demonstration to the whole world of the effectiveness of the Chinese state system. The epidemic occurred on Chinese New year, when so many people are on vacation. How everything really happened there, and how many people were killed, no one knows, except the Chinese leadership. But the spectacular videos about huge hospitals equipped with the most modern equipment, which grew in two days, made an indelible impression on the whole world. The Communist party and personally comrade XI have shown that they can quickly solve any problem, protect their people from any disaster, and the earliest and unconditional victory was announced by comrade XI even when the epidemic in China was just gaining momentum. Against their background, confused and indecisive governments of democratic countries look like helpless blind kittens, unable to provide their citizens with the simplest means of individual protection, and in the near future, perhaps, with food. Who would have thought that such a thing could have happened in China, where masks, gloves and antiseptics were distributed free of charge to apartments? Now China is actively helping the countries affected by the virus, sending protective equipment, medical equipment, tens of millions of rapid tests for coronavirus, as well as doctors and other specialists to fight the epidemic, earning popularity and influence.

Chinese doctors, photo by The Guardian

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