The Cathedral (Catedral de Santa Maria). Inner court

The inner courtyard of the Cathedral of Tarragona is located to the North-East of it and is a regular rectangle measuring 47 by 46 meters. The courtyard was added in the late 12th and early 13th century, using ancient Roman foundations and a preserved section of the fortress wall.

Tarragona Cathedral. Inner court

In the center of the courtyard is a fountain, and in the corners - springs-fountains that were connected to the Roman water supply.

Tarragona Cathedral. Inner court

Around the perimeter of the courtyard, galleries are arranged in the form of arcades with columns, above which there are two round openwork Windows. The drains of the gallery were taken out into the old Roman sewer system, which is still in operation today. The galleries provided auxiliary rooms for the Cathedral - a refectory, kitchen, and dormitorium. Now these premises are occupied by the Diocesan Museum.

Tarragona Cathedral. Inner court

The capitals of the columns are decorated with stone carvings, some of them depict biblical themes.

Tarragona Cathedral. Inner court Tarragona Cathedral. Inner court

In the North-West gallery is the chapel of Santa Tecla la Antigua, built in the thirties of the 14th century and decorated by the master Alemanda de Rocabertí.

Tarragona Cathedral. The Chapel Of St. Thecla. Santa Tecla la Antigua. Cathedral. Tarragona