Monreale History and Places of Interest

This small town is located 7 kilometers south of Palermo on the slope of Monte Caputo above the fertile valley of La Conca d'oro (Golden Shell). This place became known as the residence of the bishop of Sicily, where he was forced to move after the capture of Palermo by the Arabs in 831. The Arabs were driven out by the Normans in 1072, and in 1174, King William II the Good of Sicily (Guglielmo il Buono) founded a Benedictine monastery in Montreal and began the construction of a cathedral. Subsequently, this place was called in Latin Mons Regalis, which means "Royal Mountain", over time, the name was transformed into a single word Monreale. Now the population of the town is about 40 thousand people.

Monreale Cathedral

Duomo di Monreale

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Cathedral Interiors

Monreale Cathedral Interiors

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Walk on Roof of Cathedral

Roof of Monreale Cathedral

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Museo Diocesano

Museo Diocesano of Monreale

The Museum occupies one of the wings of the Episcopal Palace, which adjoins the altar part of the Cathedral of Monreale. The expositions are spread over three floors read more

Benedictine Monastery

Benedictine monastery, Monreale

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Colums Capitals of the Benedictine Monastery

Colums capitals of the Benedictine monastery, Monreale

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Church Of The Holy Cross

Church Of The Holy Cross, Monreale

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Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Monreale

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Piazza Guglielmo II

Piazza Guglielmo II, Monreale

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How to Get from Palermo to Monreale

Bus Palermo-Monreale

From Palermo to Montreal there are two bus lines, from the Central Station and from Piazza Indipendenza (read more )