Saint Petersburg Places of Interest

St.Peter Line Ferry Terminal (Old Marine Station), Saint-Petersburg

St.Peter Line ferry terminal (Old marine station), Saint-Petersburg

The St. Peters Line terminal is located on the Sea Glory Square (the intersection of Bolshoy Prospekt and Cash Street), you can get there by metro to the Primorskaya station, then go to Cash Street and take the minibus No. 690 or trolleybus No. more

Port and Sea Channel

Port and Sea channel, Saint Petersburg

The ferry left the St. Peter Line terminal astern and the tugs turned its nose to the Sea Channel. The entrance to the channel is marked by a high mast, on which a radar post "Nevsky Gate" and a laser shutter beacon of the Ship's Fairway are more

Kronshtadt. Evening on Board


After leaving St. Petersburg, the Princess Maria passed through the Sea Channel and entered the expanses of the Gulf of more