Avaldsnes and Viking farm places of interest

Karmsund Bridge

Karmsund bridge

This is one of the few steel bridges in Norway, reminiscent of the creation of the Eiffel tower and bridges over the Douro in the Portuguese Poro. The emergence of reliable automobiling messages with the mainland caused a rapid development of the island, where before there were only fields and farms (read more )

The Viking Farm

Avaldsnes Viking Farm

After 10 minutes of leisurely walking through the picturesque area of Avaldnes, the road led us to a wooden bridge leading to the Bukkøy island (read more )

The Viking House

Vikings house, Avaldsnes

In the center of the Viking farm is a residential building built in 1997. This is a reconstruction of a real Norwegian house from 950, discovered by archaeologists in the Oma village of Rugaland province (read more )

St. Olav's Church of Avaldsnes (Avaldsnes kirke)

St. Olav's Church of Avaldsnes

One of the oldest churches in Norway is located on the highest hill in Avaldsnes. The sagas tell that a wooden сhurch was built on this site by Olav Tryggvason (read more )