The night before the first acquaintance with Madrid, we spent in a hotel in the small town of Valdemoro, located a dozen kilometers from the capital of Spain. In the morning from the hotel window I saw the main city landmark, the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Valdemoro. Church of the Assumption of Our Lady (Parroquia de la Asunción de Nuestra Señora)

And a block from the hotel found the sculpture "Astronaut" (El Asronauta map). This is the work of sculptor Francisco Leiro (1957) established in 2001. The monument is made of stainless steel, has about 4 meters in height and weighs 2.6 tons.

Monument 'Astronaut' (El Asronauta), Valdemoro, Spain

On this my acquaintance with the city, unfortunately, ended, although it was possible to walk on it more - the town has an ancient history, and the area of old buildings. Time was enough-we spent in the morning more than three hours waiting for the bus, which the other day damaged the tire and in the morning went to look for a tire shop. I must say that in Spain on a holiday or a day off is a big problem. And we must pay tribute to our Polish crew that they decided with minimal loss of of our time.