Grandes Armazéns do Chiado shopping center

Street Garrett rests in a huge shopping center "Granges Armazens do Chiado" (Grandes Armazéns do Chiado on the map), which can be translated as "great warehouses of Chiado".

Lisbon. Grandes Armazéns do Chiado shopping center

In 1279 the house of the Holy spirit appeared on this site Pedreira (Espírito Santo da Pedreira), built at the expense of Jewish merchants. Here was a hospital, which was looked after by monks the Pedreira fraternity. During the earthquake the hospital building was destroyed and on the site of the ruins was built the Palace of Barcelinhos (Palácio Barcelinhos), in at the end of the 19th century it was rebuilt into a commercial center and became the largest a Department store in Lisbon. The establishment was opened in 1894 and brought in the Portuguese capital is the spirit of the Parisian Department stores that used to be there the template of retail trade. The Mall has flourished for almost a century, working under the motto "Ganhar pouco, servindo bem o público" - " minimum for yourself, at most for the public" - this is roughly how you can translate this tagline.

Lisbon. Grandes Armazéns do Chiado shopping center

On August 25, 1988, disaster struck - the building was completely destroyed by fire, which caused tremendous damage tenants of retail space and put hundreds of employees out of work. On the following year, under the direction of architect Alvaro Siza villera (Álvaro Siza Vieira) the restoration of the building has begun. Updated shopping center it was opened in 1995, but never achieved such popularity as Granges Armazens.