Sultanahmet places of interest

Hamidiye drinking fountain (Hamidiye Çeşmesi ve Sebili)

Istanbul. Hamidiye drinking fountain

A public drinking spring in front of the main gate of Gulhane Park was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid I in 1775 in the Bahçekapı quarter, next to the Hamidiye mosque, from which it got its name (read more )

Cinci square

Cinci Meydanı, Istanbul

One block west of Little Hagia Sophia is the neat modern Cinci Meydani square (read more )

Tulip Festival

Istanbul Tulip Festival

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April evening in Sultanahmet square

Sultanahmet square

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Ahırkapı Lighthouse (Ahırkapı Feneri)

Ahırkapı Lighthouse, Istanbul

The first lighthouse on the coast of Constantinople appeared after the shipwreck of a merchant ship that ran aground in 1755. At the direction Sultan Osman III built a tower with a light source visible for three miles (read more )