Haci Husrev Park

Ya Vedud Sultan's mosque (Yavedüd Cami) it was built in 1456.

Ya Vedud Sultan's mosque (Yavedüd Cami), Istanbul

Crossing the Avenue Ayvansaray find ourselves in a small and green Hacı Hüsrev Park.

Hacı Hüsrev Park, Istanbul

which stretches along the outer side of the walls of Irakli.

Walls of Irakli (Heraklius Surları), Istanbul

In the center of the Park you can see Hazreti Kab Mescidi, it often called Hacı Hüsrev mosque.

Istanbul. Hacı Hüsrev Mescidi, Hazreti Kab Mescidi

In the parks of Istanbul, home to a great number of ownerless cats.

Hacı Hüsrev Park, Istanbul

Tailed furry tramps are not abandoned to their fate, the townspeople generously give food and build houses for them.

Hacı Hüsrev Park, Istanbul