Ischia Porto Place of Interst

The main city of the island of Ischia, here usually begins acquaintance with the island. I offer you photo reports about several walks around this city and its attractions.

First Walk. Via Gian Battista Vico

Ischia Porto. Via Procidano

Having settled in a small cozy hotel Del Postiglione ("Postman"), located in a quiet green street near the port, I went to the first acquaintance with the main city of the island - Via Alfredo De Luca and then, Via Antonio Sogliuzzo in the direction of Ischia Ponte (read more )

Rural Idyl

Ischia Porto

Having passed the quarter from the Church of Maria del Carmine, near the old abandoned house, I decided to turn left, because I left the center quite far (read more )

Peculiarities of the national architecture

Ischia Porto

Getting out of the impasse back on Via Gian Battista Vico, I went further, already guided by the map (read more )

Morning in Porto di Ischia

Porto di Ischia

Early in the morning, I said goodbye to the hospitable hotel Del Postiglione, and went to the port. My ferry was already at the pier, but it was still about 20 minutes before boarding (read more )