Morning Ischia from the ferry

Our ferry leaves the island where I spent five unforgettable days

Ischia. Morning at the port

At the entrance to the Harbor, a small Bastion is visible, which serves more of a decorative function. When the port was built, the pirates, who had plagued the island's inhabitants for several centuries, disappeared into oblivion.

Porto di Ischia

Behind the Bastion begins a breakwater stretching for 250 meters, it protects the entrance to Porto di Ischia from the West from the waves coming from the Gulf of Gaeto. The pier was built 10 years after the opening of the port.

Porto di Ischia

The pier ends with the lighthouse Faro di Ischia Porto, built in 1864, its stone base has a height of 11 meters, the light source is located two meters higher. The lighthouse shines red and white with a period of 3 seconds and is visible for 15 miles.

Faro di Ischia Porto

The entrance to the Harbor is very narrow, about 37 meters, the port was built before there were huge cruise liners.

Porto di Ischia

Villa Dorn on the high promontory of San Pietro. I wanted to go there yesterday, but this area was closed, there is a Zoological station, founded in 1872 by the German scientist Felix Anton Dorn.

Villa Dorn, Ischia

Ferry Agata goes to sea after us, heading in Pozzuoli. This is a shorter waterway from the mainland to the island.

Ferry Agata, Ischia

It is eight o'clock in the morning, and the fishermen are already returning from their morning fishing. A person who is used to comfortable conditions, it is difficult to imagine what it means to earn a living, going out to sea every morning on a small boat. And such weather as today is not every day, especially in winter.

Ischia. Fisherfolk

За молом видны виллы на склоне горы Мисчиата (Monte Mischiata) и белые здания отеля Continental Mare 3* на берегу.


Прямо за кормой центральная часть Искья-Порто, здесь расположены отели и пляж Светого Петра (Spiaggia di San Pietro).


Пляжи защищены от волн небольшими каменными молами. Сейчас здесь пустынно, сезон еще не начался


Западная часть Искья-Порто практически сливается с городком Касамиччола Терме. В этот раз мне не хватило времени посетить его.

Casamicciola Terme, Ischia

За мысом Скрофа далеко справа в утренней дымке растворяются пляжи Лакко Амено.

Lacco Ameno

Вершина самой высокой горы острова Монте Эпомео скрыта облаками.

Monte Epomeo

Через некоторое время вершина все же открылась и утреннее солнце осветило белые скалы, на которые я вчера подимался.

Monte Epomeo

On the right side of the boat is the town of Ischia Ponte, which almost merges with Ischia Porto..


Ischia Ponte is connected by a stone bridge to the high rock of the Aragonese castle, the main attraction of the island.

Aragonese castle, Ischia

Porto di Ischia is far astern, and I say to the wonderful island "Arriverderci! Ci vediamo!".